Membership Has Its Privileges

Blog_Mentorship_03May2013I have had many mentors in my life who have taught me valuable lessons and skills. The significance of having a mentor and the impact they can have on a mentee is something I have experienced first hand. Beyond my personal relationships with close friends, teachers, or relatives, I’ve had the chance to work with some incredible people in our community. These individuals have guided me in my efforts to pursue a specific industry.

In the summer prior to my graduating year, I interned at the Michael Kors Canadian headquarters. This experience was both enlightening and challenging. Given my inherent passion for fashion, I saw this internship as a great opportunity from which I had to take full advantage. While even observing simple office activities was a learning experience in itself, I was lucky enough to test the waters in most of the departments. To my delight, this internship was not just a job to fill my empty schedule in August – on the contrary, and my fervor was only further strengthened. This summer, I am excited to start my next internship in New York City’s famed fashion industry.

Given the incredible opportunities I have been given, and assuming my position as Head Girl, I wanted to implement a project that could help my peers in the same way I have been helped. This is a project that could help them not only today, but also tomorrow. Based on my personal experiences, I felt it was important to connect our current students and young alumni with our impressive roster of alumni and current LCC parents with the hopes of offering internship and job opportunities.

As luck would have it, Mr. LLano (Director of Development and Alumni Engagement) along with the LCC Alumni Association, already had similar objectives in mind. With an exclusive “LCC Alumni” LinkedIn page, new graduates and past graduates will have the opportunity to connect and share or seek job and internship opportunities.

As grade 10 and 11 students, joining a LinkedIn page may seem like a useless task. However, the opportunities that are “linked” with this program have the potential to open many doors for you down the road. Whether you log in for the first time next summer, after your undergrad, or even after your masters, the members of this page will soon be posting employment openings looking for LCC graduates as prospective candidates.

We encourage creating an account with LinkedIn and joining the alumni page as LinkedIn has the power to introduce our students and young alumni to various industries and professions that are already being managed by LCC alumni.

It is my hope that by doing this you will be given opportunities that are valuable and enriching, and that you too will find mentors to help you along the way. —Sabrina Aberman ’13