Schools on Board: The End of an Extraordinary Experience

October 10, 2011

It turns out I’m only getting home today, instead of Friday. A series of unusual circumstances such as satellite problems and weather issues resulted in Schools on Board participants spending an extra 2-3 nights in Kugluktuk. I slept in a bed at the Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife last night for the first time in five nights. Being stranded in an isolated community would not have been bearable if weren’t for all the people helping us in Kugluktuk. The principal of Kugluktuk high school was very accommodating in letting us sleep in the school for five nights. Other community members were also invaluable in driving us to and from the airport each day we tried getting out, as well as helping us find things to keep us busy. All the children greeting us in the streets cheered us up. And if it weren’t for the program coordinator, teachers and parents constantly rebooking hotels and flights, we would never have made it out. It’s been quite the adventure and I’m happy to be finally heading home today. —Karen Butt ’12

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