Middle School “Survive or Die” Mount Orford Outdoor Ed Trip

2014_2015_MS_Outdoor_Ed_Mt_Orford_Group_035Last Friday, our group of 24 Middle School students (grades 7-8) embarked on an outdoor ed trip to Mount Orford. Ms. Saunders, our trip leader, had been preparing our group of “adventurers” since the beginning of the year, through a variety of in-school training sessions that taught us the basics of survival in the outdoors. For example, we learned how to set up a tent, operate a camp stove, and administer basic first aid (fortunately, there was no need!). Our group was well prepared for a great trek and camping experience.

When we boarded the bus on Friday for our 1.5-hour drive, we were all bustling with energy, until something horrible happened: THE TEACHERS TOOK OUR PHONES AWAY. WE WERE FORCED TO TALK. Although this was horrifying, it wasn’t long before we started conservations with other kids on the bus. In fact, the teachers taking our phones away allowed us to bond, which I realized was one of the major benefits of taking the trip.

Upon arrival at the base of the mountain, we immediately got our bags, ate a small energy bar, applied bug spray and sunscreen, and then we got moving. We hiked by some fast water and saw picturesque views of the lake. After about two hours of hiking and talking (which seemed to be getting easier), we reached our campsite.

Our campsite was in a nice, secluded location, away from everything and surrounded by trees. We were fortunate to have the luxury of wooden platforms on which we could pitch our tents. Our tents went up in less than an hour and then we started preparing our dinner. Of course, we could not help but realize how difficult this all would have been without Ms. Saunders’ guidance, preparation sessions, and her humour (mainly because we were all scared of burning ourselves using the stove!)

We woke up the next morning at 6:30 am to prepare our breakfasts, followed by a seven-hour hike. Although it was challenging, we felt satisfaction as we climbed over smooth rocks to see incredible views of the scenery around us. We had climbed so high that it was possible to see over other surrounding mountains! For as warm as we were during the hike, we quickly realized how freezing we were once we stopped at the summit. So … we quickly put on extra layers. (Thanks, Ms. Saunders, for teaching us to pack properly!)

We finally went back to our campsite and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon. We ate marshmallows roasted over a fire pit, and some chocolate as well. Our group continued talking, realizing that talking was not painful anymore, as we had all become very close friends.

We left the next morning feeling sad that it had all come to an end (and, personally, feeling really tired, mainly because I realized that I’m not in as good shape as I had thought!). All in all, I believe this was one of the best experiences that I have had at school this year, and I will certainly not forget it. I benefited so much from this trip: I bonded with many students that I don’t usually spend much time with, and I challenged myself to do something new.

On behalf of the “Survive or Die” crew, I would like to thank Ms. Saunders for making this trip possible. I would also like to thank our other supervisors, Mr. Murphy and M. Maurice.

We will most certainly be doing this again next year! – Andrew Vandenbussche ’19

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Un samedi rempli de sourires au Club des garçons et des filles de Lasalle

2014_15_Comm_Serv_Boys_Girls_013Le samedi 9 mai, un groupe d’étudiants du Middle School est allé passer trois heures avec les enfants du Club garçons et filles de LaSalle. Nous avons organisé différentes activités amusantes avec les enfants dont le basketball, le tennis et le soccer. Nous avons donné de l’équipement sportif et ce fut fort apprécié. C’était une expérience très amusante pour les enfants et pour nous. Ils étaient extrêmement contents de nous voir et avaient des grands sourires! L’activité étaient un grand succès et nous espérons y retourner bientôt!  – Andrew Fata ’19 (Middle School Pride)

Des élèves de LCC se sont unis pour rendre une beauté aux rivages du Canal Lachine

Blog_Clean_LachineCanalChaque année, des milliers de Canadiens s’unissent pour lutter contre les déchets riverains, qui menacent gravement nos voies d’eau navigables, et prennent part au Grand nettoyage des rivages canadiens. Il s’agit d’une initiative de conservation de l’Aquarium de Vancouver et le WWF et du plus important programme de conservation par l’action directe au Canada.

De plus, un des piliers du Round Square est la protection et la prise de conscience de l’environnement, il est donc logique que nous soyons impliqués.

À ce jour, le Grand nettoyage des rivages a mobilisé plus de 500 000 Canadiens des quatre coins du pays pour contribuer à garder nos rivières, lacs et océans en santé pour les collectivités et les espèces sauvages qui en dépendent.

Un groupe d’élèves du Middle School de Lower Canada College a prêté main-forte à la lutte contre les déchets riverains en procédant au nettoyage du Canal Lachine entre Wellington et Charlevoix, le samedi 2 mai 2015 de 10h00 à 12h00.

Voici des exemples de ce que les élèves ont ramassé :

- Mégots de cigarettes (en grande quantité), bouchons de bouteille de bière, sacs en plastique sur les berges et dans le canal, portes manteaux, aérosols…

Voici quelques impressions des participants :

« J’ai du mal à comprendre comment, j’ai pu trouver un pot d’échappement de voiture au bord du canal! »

« C’était génial de pouvoir aider notre environnement de cette façon! The amount of trash accumulated in the canal was crazy! »

« J’étais contente d’être capable d’aider l’environnement et c’était amusant de le faire avec mes amis. »

“The Great Canadian Shoreline cleanup was a chance us to take care of the Lachine Canal’s waters and shores in the morning.”

« C’était une bonne expérience, où nous étions conscient des conséquences directes de ces déchets sur les océans. »

“I was very surprised about how much garbage was being thrown on the ground especially when the trash can was just a few feet away.”

« J’étais dégouté par tous les mégots de cigarette, de plastique et les nombreux autres déchets qui polluent la Terre. »

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A “Soft” Pitch for Key Work Skills

2013_14_Career_Day_031We are holding our annual Career Day today. This student-organized event brings professionals to the school to speak to LCC’s grade 10 and 11 students on the nature of today’s workplace.

The concept of “career” is complicated for many young people. Jobs are shifting and changing more rapidly than ever in the past. Some examples of lucrative jobs that didn’t even exist 10 years ago include: App Developer, Social Media Manager, and Sustainability Expert. The list is actually quite lengthy.

On this shifting career landscape, one thing is certain. What were once considered “soft skills” and designated as less important than technical skills, are now considered significant attributes that employers actively seek. More and more, employers are sending messages that they can teach technical skills to their employees after being hired, but the soft skills need to be embedded and need to be strong from the outset. In fact, they now require a new focus, perhaps just as important as technical skills.

So what are soft skills? They include attributes such as: verbal communication, capacity for teamwork and collaboration, tact and diplomacy, empathy for others, creativity, cultural sensitivity, resilience, and flexibility. A positive mindset is also very important.

In his book, Hiring for Attitude, author Mark Murphy claims that close to 50 per cent of all new hires fail in the first 18 months, and of those new hires, 90 per cent fail for reasons associated with attitude and weak soft skills.

So we cannot dismiss soft skills as “fluff.” They seem to be emerging as key skills in today’s workplace. I expect this message will be reinforced in today’s career seminars with our many guests. – Chris Shannon, Headmaster

Concours de plaidoirie, une expérience riche en apprentisages!

Je suis vraiment content qu’on a gagné on a travaillé très fort en equipe et ce fut démontré dans la compétition. I think we really improved as lawyers throughout the competition and I certainly learned a lot and I appreciated the experience. – Joshua Mindel ’16

Je voudrais remercier tout le monde qui a rendu tout cela possible, Laurence et Zorah, Mme. Benoit, qui était un mentor incroyable, et à monsieur Maurice qui m’a donné l’opportunité de participer dans cette compétition. This truly was an incredible experience, and I learned an astronomical amount of things, and earned a scholarship to law school which wasn’t half bad I must say. All in all, this really was amazing. – Matthew Tabet ’16

La compétition de samedi 18 avril était excellente. Notre équipe a réussi à ramener la 1ère place dans toute la province! It was a long, tiring day, but in the end it was worth it! All the hard work had finally paid off in the best way possible! – Ryan Hawa ’16

Mon expérience de la journée du 18 avril était très passionante. On était tous un peu stressés mais à la fin, tout notre travail a valu la peine. I would like to thank Maitre Benoit, Zorah, and Laurence for all the hard work and dedication they put toward this court case. –  Rebecca Ross ’16

Hier, notre équipe d’avocats a remporté notre concours! Avec des efforts incroyables de tous, spécialement Matthew qui portait l’équipe, Me. Benoit, Laurence, et Zohra, nous avons été en mesure de battre deux écoles francophones. - Christina Papageorgakopoulos ’16