South Africa: Amazing Experiences

Over the past two weeks that I have been in South Africa, I have done many amazing things. As soon as I met my exchange, Luke, and his mother, I knew that I had made the right choice of where to go. Right away, Luke and I set off on a safari, where I saw many animals, including four of the big five (lion, rhino, elephant, and buffalo). I would only see the last of the big five, the leopard, a week from then. The last couple of days before school, Luke and I built a robot with drills, using the skills that I had learned last year in robotics.

When I started at Stanford Lake College, I made friends immediately. The classes were similar except they had longer days and more classes. Also, in geography class, they study maps and then go on wilderness treks. Living at a boarding school is very different though. I have never woken up for school surrounded by my friends and without my family.

One of the reasons I came to South Africa was to experience something new. So, later in the week, I practiced cricket and on Saturday I watched a cricket game. I prefer to play cricket as the game is quite long, lasting from 10 am to 5 pm, with a lunch break of 15 minutes…probably one of the longest days ever!

As the weekend rolled in, so did time for adventure. On Sunday morning, Luke and I went to a game farm to see and pet the cheetahs. We also finally saw two leopards, the last of the big five. On another zoo trip, I also got to play with baby tigers and baby lions…as if they were household pets! – Jamie Bekins ’17, exchange student at Stanford Lake College, South Africa

Australia Exchange: Reaching New Heights!

This week I went to the Eureka Skydeck, the Southern Hemisphere’s highest viewing platform, which I loved! It was rather amazing to see all of Melbourne from a height of 88 stories and as we went at night, I was able to see the city all lit up. We went on the Edge, a glass cube suspended 300 metres above the ground, where at first the glass was foggy so we couldn’t see anything. The glass cube started moving outwards, hanging three meters off of the building and then the fog on the glass disappeared and we were able to see the whole city and it was AMAZING! However, due to the fact that I have a fear of heights I was really scared.

I also saw the play, Wicked, in a historic theater that has been around for more than 100 years. Wicked was an amazing production and I couldn’t believe the power in the voice of the main character. I also got to see a netball game due to the fact that Sianna plays and I thought it was rather similar to basketball but looked more difficult. I am still loving Melbourne and I can’t believe that I’m half way through my exchange.

Morgan Folkerson ’16

Australia Exhange: Loving Melbourne!

So far, everything has gone smoothly in Melbourne. I have settled in very nicely and everyone here is very welcoming. I have been having a little trouble getting out of summer mode; however, I am on task and have caught up to the level that everyone is at in school. Carey Grammar School is very similar to LCC. They use computers and seem to have the same learning environment, but LCC does incorporate more technology into the curriculum.

My exchange family is very nice and I have met almost all of their family. They have taken me driving around the city to get a little glimpse of Melbourne. They have also taken me to Healseville Sanctuary where I saw koalas and petted a wallaby. I have been to the local beach (St-Kilda), the local amusement park (Luna Park) and city shopping. They have also organized a trip see a game of Aussie Rules and Wicked, a trip to Phillips Island and as well as a trip to Sydney for a week!

I am so excited to do all that they have planned and so far I love Melbourne. The views are extraordinary! Morgan Folkerson ’16

Des nouvelles de la classe nature du groupe de 6e année

La nourriture du camp

WOW! C’est tout ce que je peux vous dire. Végétarien, allergie ou n’importe quoi, il y a toujours de la bonne nourriture pour toi! Aujourd’hui pour le déjeuner on a mangé des croissants au fromage et jambon avec des patates rôties. Vu que je suis végétarien, j’ai eu tout ça, sauf le jambon. Pour le diner, mes copains ont mangé des sous-marins au steak. Moi, j’ai mangé un sous-marin rempli de légumes. Miam! Je suis excité par la nourriture qui nous attend. Je suis sur la pointe des pieds pour savoir ce qu’on mangera au prochain repas.  –Gil Salzman ’19

Une activité que tu as aimée

L’activité que j’ai aimée le plus était le lab et quand j’ai nagé. Dans le lab, on a fait de la neige artificielle. J’étais avec Mandy et on a fait de la neige bleu pâle. La deuxième expérience qu’on a faite est une réaction chimique avec des boules et de la mousse.

Quand on est allé nager, Raymond a attrapé trois écrevisses en une ou deux heures. Il y avait une petite chute qui était vraiment forte. C’était vraiment intéressant.

C’était mes deux activités préférées. –Amanda Howard ’19


Des nouvelles de la classe nature du groupe de 6e année

groupeécrevisseMon activité préférée au Camp scientifique des Débrouillards

J’ai beaucoup aimé l’activité « Gourmandise inusité ». On a fait du jello avec les saveurs qu’on a choisies pour que ça goûte comme on veut. C’était tellement amusant de mélanger le bicarbonate de soude, l’acide citrique et l’eau. On a utilisé de la gélatine en poudre. Je me suis beaucoup amusée aujourd’hui avec mes amis et les instructeurs du camp. - Emanuela Frasetti ’19


Mon expérience scientifique «Débranche!»

J’ai participé à l’activité débranche. L’animatrice qui a fait l’activité était la même que dans ma chambre. On a exploré différents matériels et on a fait des hypothèses pour savoir si c’était des isolants ou des conducteurs. Après, on a fait différents circuits comme des circuits simples, parallèles et d’autres. - Ella Waxman ’19