Whittling Down the Many Questions to One: University Admissions 2015

CM129175xThe results are in!  Almost…

With the majority of university admissions decisions being released, and in view of the incredible success of LCC’s Pre-University Class of 2015 in gaining admission to a wide range of universities, students now face the daunting task of making a choice. Not just about where and what to study, but what kind of university experience they are really looking for.

How many students will be in my class? What will the professors be like? Do I want a single, double, triple or quad in residence? Can undergrads do research?  Or get a job on campus? What kinds of clubs will I join? What kinds of clubs are there? Will I study abroad? Do a co-op? Get an internship? Join Greek life?  Play intramural sports? What if I’m hungry at midnight?  How will I know when my laundry is done?

So many questions that need to be considered when deciding where one’s future lies.

The truth is every university has pros and cons. There is no idyllic, perfect university campus for all students. But there is a place for every student, where they can explore new ideas and discover meaningful passions; find out who they are and what kind of impact they want to have in the world. And the reality is that place can be anywhere.

It isn’t about the name of the institution that makes the experience great for a student.  It’s about what the student does with the opportunities available at that place. Students who approach their college years with an open mind, who are up for any adventure or new challenge, will engage, explore, and make the most out of their experience regardless of the name of the university where they happen to be attending classes.

Every year in Pre-U we have students go to universities across Canada and the US, in the UK, Europe, and occasionally, even in Australia and New Zealand, and 95% of those students have loved/are loving their university life. And they should! University is fun!

However, university is also the place where young adults experience the steepest curve of personal growth. So this is the most important question for students to consider when making their ultimate university decision is: Is this place where I am going to be my best?  (academically, socially, and emotionally)? Are these the people I want to be with for four years?  Is this the place that is going to stimulate my intellect, challenge how I think, develop my analytical and writing skills, inspire me to want to be more, do more?

The “right” university is out there. The students just have to focus on what’s important to them, how they feel on campus or about that university to be confident that their choice is the right place for them.

– Kim Tulloch, Pre-University Program Coordinator & Director of University Advising

What’s in a Number? Pre-U Results…That’s What!

CONCORDIAThe results are in! Well, most of them, and the members of the Pre-U Class of 2011 have a lot to be proud of.

With so much of the Pre-U year focused on applying to university, awaiting the inevitable admission decision is an unnerving time for our students. The last month has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, with the crush of a refusal and the exhilaration of a university acceptance sometimes being experienced within minutes of each other.

But once the emotions settle down, it’s time to for that major, life-changing, decision – where am I going to be next year?

Not everyone has finalized their university decision yet, but when our 25 students cross the stage on May 19th at their graduation ceremony, this is what I know:
• 52% of the students will be attending university in the United States
• 38% of the US-bound students were accepted at universities that have admission rates under 15%
• 75% of our students who applied early to US universities were accepted
• 100% of the students who applied to UK universities were accepted
• 87% of the class has been offered admission scholarships
• 50% of one of the most prestigious scholarships at a top Canadian university were offered to our students (4/8)
• 100% of the Pre-U students will join the Class of 2015 at a university somewhere in the world beginning September 2011

The Pre-U Class of 2011 may be small in number, but they are mighty in many ways. And although, I’m not one to quantify the Pre-U experience—after all, Pre-U is about so much more than just getting into university— the numbers do speak for themselves and are a great reflection of the overall success of our Pre-U students this year.—Kim Tulloch, Director of University Advising