Duke of Ed Gold Trip 2012: Peru Expedition Update

March 8, 2012

Upon my return to Peru, I did not know what to expect. I would soon find out that, although many landmarks were familiar to me, I was seeing everything in a completely new light. I was wiser and the shantytowns of Lima didn’t shock me. Rather they incited me to want to get to work immediately!

We spent four days in Las Palmas completing our community service project, which included a new set of stairs, a new fence, a fresh coat of paint and a new roof. By the fourth day, every student had mixed feelings about leaving Las Palmas. Although we may have been filled with excitement with the prospects of beginning the hike in Cusco, we would be leaving behind a community to which we had grown very close.– Emily Tiberi ’12

Five days ago, eighteen LCC students who would work on the service project in Las Palmas flew into the desert city, Lima. With last years experience doing the service project and the Salkantay Trek, I didn’t feel nervous. I was rather excited to see how things had changed over a year.

Every morning, when driving to Las Palmas, I noticed that the poverty levels hadn’t changed. The chaotic way of life and the number of shantytowns stacked on the desert was the same. It seemed as if I had not left Peru last March. When working at the community, the locals treated us with the same respect and warmth they had shown us in 2011. I remembered their names and faces and so did they. Under the scorching heat, we worked on the concrete roof until the very last minute. Today, we fly to Cusco. We are anxious about the hike, but at the same time, excited to walk the same path where Incas and adventurers explored.– Kenya Shatani (Pre-U ’12)

Peru Exchange – Life Changing

Blog_Peru2011As I sat on the airplane leaving Montreal, I had no idea what to expect. Peru was completely unknown to me. Although, I was extremely nervous, I was ready to embrace the six-week adventure that stood before me. I have been here for about two weeks now and I can honestly say I’m having the time of my life.

Although I have only been in Lima, Peru, for 11 days, I have already made memories that will last me a lifetime. The minute I arrived, I was greeted with the friendliest people. Everyone here is incredibly warm and kind. Even though I don’t speak Spanish, I was amazed that it didn’t stop me from making friends. People are always happy to translate or clue me in on what everyone is talking about. The other day, I woke up and automatically said « Hola ». Peru has inspired me to hopefully be fluent some day.

In only so little time, Peru is already changing me. I cannot wait to continue my stay here. Coming up I will be participating on the rugby team and going to Machu Picchu. –Alexia Miller ’13