A Balancing Act for the Environment

SpeakforthetreesOn October 1, a handful of Green Team students and I had a wonderful day helping the environment. How did we help the environment? We spent the day at Mount Royal at a “Speak for the Trees” workshop.

The day started with an introduction to two grassroots organizations Roots and Shoots and Evergreen. Then we were engaged in activities that focused on eco-systems. We learned that when one species or habitat of the eco-systems dies or is harmed it affects all members and leads to unforeseen complications. We then got together in our school groups and brainstormed ideas of the kind of changes we wanted to make throughout the school that would benefit the LCC community and make us more eco-friendly. One of our ideas was to help create a student lounge that would serve local and fair-trade produce, house a recycling/composting centre and have posters that would encourage “Green” thinking. All schools got a chance to present their ideas. After lunch we got down to business. We had two outdoor activities that connected with the balancing of the eco-system. We helped to get rid of the invasive buckthorn plant, and we planted wild raspberries with the aim to introduce native species to the mountain. –Claire Greenbaum ’13

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