Savannah Safari: A Trip of a Lifetime

IMG_6161Once we returned to our camp, we left for the next one. On the drive, we saw a cheetah and a baby cheetah lying together, which was very cute. When we arrived, we saw baboons and a warthog walking by, completely unfazed that we were there. In the afternoon, we went on a game drive. We were so excited because we finally found elephants! After spotting many more animals, we went to the hyena den and found a couple of them lying outside. After watching them for a while, we went back to our camp, had dinner and went to sleep.

The following morning, we saw many more animals on our game drive and left for our fourth and final camp. We learned that in the whole area there are only eight male lions. No wonder it had been hard to find them! At the camp, we sat around the fire for a while altogether, played cards and eventually went to sleep in our tents.

On September 29th, we woke up at 5 am, packed our bags and left Botswana. All of us agreed that we were sorry to leave, but that we couldn’t wait for the conference to start! Overall, we learned so much on the trip about the wildlife in the Savannah. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime!  — Danielle Cutler ’18 and Meghan Fersten ’18






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