Round Square Regional Conference: Our First Day in Argentina

Argentia_2017_2018_001On April 16, we landed on Argentinian soil. Ms. Shadley, Maria, Savina, Danielle, Meghan, MariaLuisa, Carson and I were exhausted from our 13-hour flight. However, thanks to our positive vibes and food that we purchased from McDonald’s, we gained a bit more energy. As soon as we walked out of the airport the heat rushed onto our faces. We then met a woman called Mariana, our very own tour guide. Mariana took us to a bus where we ate delicious cheese empanadas while driving to El Tigre, a small township of Buenos Aires. In El Tigre we took a traditional South American boat where we travelled down a canal and saw many country houses and elegant fishing boats. On the boat, we socialized (in Spanish) and made many new friends with the inhabitants. 

Afterwards, we walked to a local market where we looked around and purchased souvenirs and small gifts, that will forever remind us of our amazing experience. 

When we got to the hotel (Hotel Two), we unpacked and relaxed.

To end a  beautiful day,  we ate at a restaurant called Cabildo, and enjoyed some well-deserved pizza.   

All in all, the first day of this trip was fantastic, and we are all curious and excited to see what this Argentinian adventure brings next. – Renée Williams ’18

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