Student Exchange: Exploring California

It all started off last Sunday morning. Adam picked up my dad and me and brought us to the airport. After going through security, we made it on the plane and arrived in California about six hours later. The weather was amazing. On the first day of school, I noticed how different the school was from LCC. It was all outdoors. For the Middle School, there were only 8 classrooms, and they were labeled classroom A, classroom B, etc. The classes were very small and all separate. To go from class to class, you need to walk outside. Also, the grades are very small. For Rahil’s grade, (my exchange’s grade) there are only 54 students while at LCC there are approximately 100 students per grade. Also, at Athenian everyone eats outdoors and there isn’t any assigned seating during lunch. There are also seven periods a day.

So far, I’m having an amazing time in California. The Athenian School is fun and Rahil’s friends have been nice to me too. On many days, when Rahil was practicing baseball with his dad in the backyard, Adam and I played basketball on their mini-court. We also went swimming in the pool.

On Saturday, we went to San Francisco. We went to Union Square and saw huge buildings. We saw Alcatraz Prison and the Golden Gate Bridge. We also went to a seven-floor NIKE store. It was insane. I can’t wait for the second week in California to see what else I can do. I’m excited to explore the rest of California! – Andrew Korne ’20, Student Exchange at The Athenian School

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