Student Exchange: Athletics Galore

Simon_ShepherdI’ve been at Stanford Lake College for a week and a half and overall my experience has been great.

Our daily routine consists of an early 6:45 am breakfast, then five hours of classes. After that, we go to our extra curricular activities or athletics on the big field. While our extra curriculars are more or less the same as LCC, the athletics are a bit different. Among South African sports such as cricket, rugby and field hockey, they also focus a lot on track and field. Since I’ve been here, I’ve competed in and won the school’s long jump competition, and made the team. I also made top three in the high jump competition.

The actual curriculum and materials taught are similar to LCC, however the school is less technology-oriented. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it opens me up to new teaching styles.

I’ve really been enjoying my time here so far! – Simon Sheppard ’19, Exchange Student at Stanford Lake College

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