Machu Picchu: Mind Over Matter

Machu-PicchuDuring the past four days, we’ve experienced an unforgettable journey: hiking the Laris trail while on our way to Machu Picchu, one of the worlds seven wonders. Although I was faced with certain challenges due to the change of environment, the spectacular views made it completely worth the effort. The first day was the toughest by far as we reached an altitude of 4450 meters. The trail was extremely steep and the lack of oxygen made it difficult to the reach the top. Not only was the hike physically challenging, it also tested my mental strength. Having a positive mindset helped me push through obstacles that I faced. As I reached the summit, I was overwhelmed by my accomplishment. The view was breathtaking and it brought tears to my eyes (the fact that I survived made me pretty emotional). Not only was the the trek unbelievable, but we had an amazing crew by our side. By the time we arrived at our campsite at the end of each day, our tents had already been set up and the mules had brought our bags down. The exhaustion was definitely hard to cope with, but the nights at the campsite were very relaxing. It was incredible to learn how they are able to cook our food without the luxurious tools that we have at our disposal. Even though the days were long and tiring, I have no regrets and look back on this experience with fondness. –Samantha Adessky ’13

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