Travel and Experiential Learning

photo[7]Spend a few minutes reading the LCC blog or our school Facebook page and it becomes abundantly clear, there was lots learned over the March Break.  The school sanctioned three separate student trips this March: a Duke of Edinburgh Gold service/adventure trip to Peru, service in the Dominican Republic, and a hockey and cultural tour of the Nordic countries.

Travel and active learning translates into memorable experiences that shape and change young people, usually for the better.  In recent years, service opportunities in particular, have allowed LCC students to learn more deeply about foreign cultures and a host of development challenges. The learning engages all the senses and broadens the awareness of teenagers to issues they had probably never even considered in their comfortable Canadian lives.  Experience matters and that’s why these trips and foreign exchanges are important ingredients in the development of global citizens at our school.

Read the blog entries of our students or read exchange journals to see how engaging and transformative active learning can be.  It takes courage and a degree of resilience for students to leave their world of comfortable opportunities.

Commendations to all those who wanted to seek cultural differences and know them better.  Now we can all learn from them. —Chris Shannon, Headmaster

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