Schools on Board: Leaving the Amundsen—by Helicopter!

October 4, 2011

This morning involved some final packing and clean up, followed by boarding the helicopter to go back to Kugluktuk. No one wanted to get off the ship, but getting another helicopter ride was still fun. Once everyone had been flown over, we started walking from the airport into the community of Kugluktuk. We joined the grade 12 science class and the students took us on a scavenger hunt designed to have us see most of town. Being in Kugluktuk was different because everyone knows each other, and all the people were greeting us and asking who we were.

When we got back to the school, we set up gym mats and sleeping bags on the floor of the school computer lab, our bedroom for the next two nights. Afterwards, we thought about our meals and went grocery shopping. There are only two stores in town: Northern and Co-op. Everything is really expensive and the selection is limited. For example, 12 cans of pop cost $20 and a bag of chips is $6. Fruits and vegetables had to be thoroughly inspected before being purchased. Nonetheless, the pasta we cooked for supper was delicious. —Karen Butt ’12

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