Round Square Regional Conference: Beautiful Buenos Aires

IMG_3417.JPGI began my journey on April 22 at 9 a.m. Half of my Barazza (group) went to visit beautiful Buenos Aires on a city tour. When I read the itinerary I thought we would be sitting on a bus and just looking but I soon realized I was very wrong!

We began by taking the metro from Belgrano to downtown Buenos Aires. After getting there we began walking and little did my group members and I know that we would have a whole day of walking. Throughout the day we ended up walking 17.5 kilometres. Yes, you read that right! 17.5 kilometres! The sites we saw were unbelievably beautiful. We began with the Casa Rosado or Pink House. This is where the government comes to gather to discuss issues. We then saw the theatre here which is ranked number five for best acoustics. It was very impressive. After that we visited the Cathedral. I have seen many churches but this one was by far one of the most impressive. The architecture and design were so beautiful. The paintings on the walls were so authentic.

After a long morning of walking we had lunch in a shopping mall in the district of Recolleta. One of the most famous sites in all of Argentina is the “Cementerio de Recoleta” which I was lucky enough to see. As soon as I walked in my jaw dropped. It was so beautiful. I could not wrap my head around what I was seeing. This was the last stop on my tour of the city. We then took the metro back to school and I went home. That night I was greeted by my host family. We went out for dinner at a famous port. It was amazing. It was a long and eventful day! – Savina Cammalleri ’18


Round Square Regional Conference: From Argentina to Uruguay

IMG_1521Day 3 of the pre-conference was a really exciting and busy one. We woke up early and left our hotel in Argentina to catch a ferry to Uruguay.

After an hour and a half, we arrived in Colonia del Sacramento, a city in the province of Colonia on the same river as Buenos Aires, Río de la Plata. We walked around on the boardwalk along this river and reflected on our journey so far.

Following this, we made our way to a restaurant for lunch and ate Chivito, a delicious Uruguayan dish made of meat, eggs, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and fries. After lunch, we met our tour guide for a walk around Colonia. She took us to the old city and told us some of Uruguay’s history before and after its independence. We also learned that there are only two traffic lights in all of Colonia! We even saw a UNESCO sight, which was part of a wall that bordered the city many years ago. In addition, we climbed up to the top of a lighthouse with 118 stairs that gave us a beautiful view of the city. Finally, we went to one of Colonia’s ports.

Afterward, we went for ice cream and into some of the stores on one of the main streets, Flores. We then went for dinner at a really cozy and authentic restaurant.

All in all, traveling to Uruguay was a great experience and it was so interesting to learn about their culture. The conference starts tomorrow and we can’t wait! – Meghan Fersten ’18

Round Square Regional Conference: Our First Day in Argentina

Argentia_2017_2018_001On April 16, we landed on Argentinian soil. Ms. Shadley, Maria, Savina, Danielle, Meghan, MariaLuisa, Carson and I were exhausted from our 13-hour flight. However, thanks to our positive vibes and food that we purchased from McDonald’s, we gained a bit more energy. As soon as we walked out of the airport the heat rushed onto our faces. We then met a woman called Mariana, our very own tour guide. Mariana took us to a bus where we ate delicious cheese empanadas while driving to El Tigre, a small township of Buenos Aires. In El Tigre we took a traditional South American boat where we travelled down a canal and saw many country houses and elegant fishing boats. On the boat, we socialized (in Spanish) and made many new friends with the inhabitants. 

Afterwards, we walked to a local market where we looked around and purchased souvenirs and small gifts, that will forever remind us of our amazing experience. 

When we got to the hotel (Hotel Two), we unpacked and relaxed.

To end a  beautiful day,  we ate at a restaurant called Cabildo, and enjoyed some well-deserved pizza.   

All in all, the first day of this trip was fantastic, and we are all curious and excited to see what this Argentinian adventure brings next. – Renée Williams ’18

Round Square Regional Conference: Immersed in Argentinian Culture

RS_ArgentinaToday in Argentina we spent the day at a farm called Don Silvano. At the farm we had many exciting things to do! First, we got to ride horses! We rode them on a track around the farm and had beautiful views of the surrounding green fields. Then we went to go see all the other animals. We saw pigs, chickens, bunnies, flamingos, peacocks and many more. Next, we tried a local drink called mate. It tastes like bitter tea and is a very prominent part of the culture here in Argentina. It’s a social drink and it is customary for people to share it with the same straw. If you add a lot of sugar, it’s actually really good!

Lunch at the farm was a lot of fun. There was a singer, singing Argentinian music, and dancers who danced for us. We even joined in on the dancing! After lunch there was a horse show. It was really entertaining to see men on horses complete a number of races and competitions. Finally, we got in the van to head back to our hotel. We stopped off at a pedestrian street called Avenida Florida and walked around and shopped. We walked into many cute local stores and got a good sense of the Argentinian way of life.

Overall, today was an amazing day. From being on the farm to just walking around, we really got to experience it all. -Danielle Cutler ’18

Sailing to Schleswig

Ahoy, LCC!

At 0900 hours sharp, all of RSIC Louisenlund’s delegates gathered at the school’s harbour to grab a fluorescent life jacket and climb aboard one of two types of vessels: a smaller sailboat or a motor yacht. The five of us opted for the more hands-on sailing experience in cutters, or boats about 12m long rigged with a jib and a main sail and carrying 11 passengers each. We sailed for about two hours in perfect conditions – strong but not overwhelming tailwinds and no rain – to the picturesque town of Schleswig. Once we arrived, we docked in the local marina and walked around for an hour, visiting the breathtaking Schleswig Cathedral that dominated the skyline and walking down the quaint streets of the village.

On our way back to the school, the wind, now against us, had picked up significantly, producing white caps that splashed us with freezing seawater as we crashed nose-first into wave after wave. We had to tack back and forth down the lake, which required more work than during our leisurely sail from earlier in the day. When we finally returned to our berth, we were shiver(me timbers)ing, wet, but in good spirits overall. Although we were initially a bit apprehensive about the frigid weather, we had a great day and would do it all again in a heartbeat if we could! –Adam Vandenbussche ’17