Classe Rouge : Une bonne première impression

IMG_2930IMG_2957Aujourd’hui on est allé à la Classe Rouge. Avant qu’on embarque sur l’autobus, j’étais nerveux, anxieux et excite en même temps. Quand je suis arrivé a Jouvence, j’ai trouvé que c’était un camp moderne et beau. La première activité que mon groupe et moi avons fait était l’hébertisme. C’était une activité amusante. On est allé dehors dans les bois et on a fait des course et des activités amusantes. Aujourd’hui, j’ai eu une bonne première impression. –Andrew Black ’17 (grade 5)


DSCN1265Our dissection with the 10th graders was very fun! Now you might think, “EWWWWWW! I’m never ever going to touch that even with gloves!” But, once you pick up your tweezers and get into it, it’s really fun and you don’t want to stop.

I got to find all sorts of bones, like ribs and skulls. I even found a feather but didn’t even find a bird! It was also cool because you got to see what animal the owl had eaten. I had a rodent and a shrew in my pellet. When all that was done I got to bring it home and gross out my parents—Ryan Hawa ’16

Grade 5s Teach Grade 1s Lesson in Canadian Geography

Gr1_5_LessonOn Monday, February 1, the students of 5A had the pleasure of greeting younger LCC students from grade 1. We felt very grown up and were eager to introduce the program of Google Earth to the younger students to show them our beautiful country.

We looked at British Columbia to show them the sites of the 2010 winter Olympics. Some of the places we visited were: BC Place which is where they are holding the opening and closing ceremonies, the Olympic Oval for speed skating, Whistler for skiing, and many more! Then we also looked at, Iqaluit, since the grade 1 students are working on a project involving the Arctic.

The grade 1 class was very enthusiastic and enjoyed answering our many questions about the places we visited with them. They are all very cute and very bright and it was fun to spend time with them today! –Julia Garfinkle ’16

Making Links Through Hockey

FieldHockey_09Oct2009Today’s activity was a real experience for me. Ms. Wearing told us we had a surprise assignment. After recess she told us we were playing field hockey. We have been reading a book that takes place in Afghanistan and in the book they talk about field hockey. She showed us a video on it and then we had to go outside and we had a chance to play.

It was very different from normal hockey and you have to play right-handed. The balls are as hard as rock and they bounce a lot. First, we tried passing the ball around with a partner then we got to try to see who could get their ball the farthest.  I was really excited to shoot the ball as hard as I could but it didn’t go that far. The reason why we did this was to get a feel for what Afghans do during physical education class. That day I learned that even Afghan people play hockey. Most of all, I was really shocked on how different the sticks were. They were gold coloured with a hook at the bottom that had a flat side and a round side, but you are only allowed to use the flat side. It’s nice to see that people can do things in different ways and still have lots of fun. 

— Kameel Khan ‘16

Grade 5s Spread Their Wings

ClasseRouge_02Ma première journée de Classe Rouge s’est bien passée. L’escalade était très amusante. Mes parents me manquaient terriblement, mais la première journée est toujours plus difficile. La nourriture est délicieuse et saine. Nous dormons dans la Rafale. Il y a un beau salon. Ma chambre, la numéro 312 a deux étages, un lit double et trois lits simples.

– Clément Virally ’16