Middle School Students Spend Time at the Lasalle Boys and Girls Club

2015_16_MS_CommServ_LaSalle_BoysGirls_020Le samedi 7 mai, six étudiants de LCC sont allés au Club Garçons et Filles de LaSalle afin
d’organiser des jeux et des activités avec les enfants du quartier. Les étudiants ont organisé des jeux amusants ainsi que des activités sportives et artistiques. Les enfants se sont beaucoup amusés (nous aussi!) et ils ont bien apprécié notre présence. Ce fût une expérience enrichissante de pouvoir donner notre temps pour la communauté.

The students who organized and participated in this event had a great time and loved spending time with the kids. Just like last year, we all a great and fun experience. We hope to go back next year and spend more time with the kids.

Merci beaucoup,
Andrew Fata ’19

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The Reward of Service

2015_2016_DoEGoldTrip_BuildHouses_Mar2016As part of the Duke of Ed Gold Trip to Colombia we had the opportunity to build houses for two families in need. Before arriving at our destination, we had no idea what to expect. We were told that we were going to a very poor area near Bogotá and would even require military escort to bring us there. When we finally arrived, this could not have been further form the truth. Instead of the rundown and dangerous area that we imagined, we discovered simple, sparse homes in the country with beautiful views and great weather.

During the building and painting of the houses, one of the relatives of the families that we were helping invited us into their home for a delicious lunch of sancocho, a Colombian stew. We soon learned that whatever wealth they lacked was made up for with kindness, pride, and happiness.

When we finally finished the houses we received big “thank yous” and even saw some of the members break into tears of gratitude and joy for all that we had done. At the end of the day we felt truly humbled. We saw first hand the impact that an act of charity could bring to others, and we all felt very grateful that we were given the opportunity to do the work and make the difference that we had made. If the opportunity presented itself again, I know that we all would have built the houses a thousand times over.
–Louis de Gaspé Beaubien ’16

Colombian Graffiti Tour

DSC_0806_350_250To be fully honest, I expected the graffiti tour to be a waste of time. We were all exhausted from the long flight and were anxious to get to bed. Fortunately, the graffiti tour was a huge surprise! I found myself completely invested in this two-hour tour. We explored the streets of Bogotá and got a good feel of the city we were staying in. The streets were packed with people staring at us and giving weird looks. We didn’t pay attention to this though, as the street art we were seeing was incredible.

We saw many gorgeous pieces of art painted on the deteriorating walls of Bogotá. One specific painting of a lion really struck me. This was the kind of art you would see in a museum. We saw a huge variety of street art, but the ones that really struck me were smaller, more political pieces. One artist drew many small, metaphorical images all over Bogotá. A soldier being used as a puppet and an assault rifle with a rose emerging from it were some of the many drawings that this artist brilliantly created. I was blown away by the entire tour. The things I learned and the art I witnessed really surprised me in nearly every way. I, as well as the rest of the group, could proudly say that we have a newfound appreciation for graffiti. Our trip to Columbia is already off to a spectacular start!

– Evan Luxenberg ’16

Building Houses in Colombia

2015_2016_DoE_GoldTrip_Colombia_009Today we got the awesome opportunity to build houses for two homeless families. We met up with five students from a local English school and travelled a few hours out into the mountains to meet with people from a foundation called Catalina Muñoz. This foundation’s goal is to build houses for impoverished homeless families.

One of the most striking things about the whole experience was the drive from our hostel out into the mountains. First of all, the urban sprawl of Bogotá is incredible. The city seemingly goes on forever! And if we thought we knew what bad traffic was in Montreal, we had no idea what we had in store for us here. The streets are extremely narrow and no one really respects stop signs or pedestrians. The drivers seemingly have a code they follow that, to an outsider, seems like complete chaos, with barely a foot between each car and random turns coming from everywhere, no turn signals, and only a few near death experiences. However, the most incredible aspect of the drive was the transition from the most wealthy area in all of Colombia to one of the poorest. We started by driving through an area with beautiful apartment buildings, marked by nice cars and residents who include Shakira and many politicians. As time went on, the buildings started to become more and more rundown and the population became more and more dense. After an hour or so, the once prominent apartment buildings became simple shanties. There is nothing like it in Montreal. To see the contrast between the people who live in poverty and the extreme upper class was something I will never forget.

After about 15 minutes of treacherous driving into the mountains, we reached our destination: a simple concrete slab no bigger than my parents’ bedroom and some supplies. My first reaction was, “How in the world are we going to build a house here in only a matter of hours?” We were then introduced to the families we were building for. They were so nice and the two little boys were incredibly cute. We then set to work. I can’t even describe the amount of teamwork and communication needed to put the house together. Even though there was a clear language barrier, working with the Colombian people was surprisingly easy. It was also really clear how important this was to the native people. At one point towards the end of the day, the leader of the foundation knocked over a bucket of water, which to us seems like no big deal. However, this simple mistake almost brought her to tears. It was a huge sign of how important this project was and how much of a difference we were making.

All in all, day 2 of the trip was so much fun. I got a lot closer with a bunch of people who I was not really friends with beforehand. Working together as a team to make a difference was an experience I will never forget.

– Samuel Freder ’17

Des élèves de LCC se sont unis pour rendre une beauté aux rivages du Canal Lachine

Blog_Clean_LachineCanalChaque année, des milliers de Canadiens s’unissent pour lutter contre les déchets riverains, qui menacent gravement nos voies d’eau navigables, et prennent part au Grand nettoyage des rivages canadiens. Il s’agit d’une initiative de conservation de l’Aquarium de Vancouver et le WWF et du plus important programme de conservation par l’action directe au Canada.

De plus, un des piliers du Round Square est la protection et la prise de conscience de l’environnement, il est donc logique que nous soyons impliqués.

À ce jour, le Grand nettoyage des rivages a mobilisé plus de 500 000 Canadiens des quatre coins du pays pour contribuer à garder nos rivières, lacs et océans en santé pour les collectivités et les espèces sauvages qui en dépendent.

Un groupe d’élèves du Middle School de Lower Canada College a prêté main-forte à la lutte contre les déchets riverains en procédant au nettoyage du Canal Lachine entre Wellington et Charlevoix, le samedi 2 mai 2015 de 10h00 à 12h00.

Voici des exemples de ce que les élèves ont ramassé :

– Mégots de cigarettes (en grande quantité), bouchons de bouteille de bière, sacs en plastique sur les berges et dans le canal, portes manteaux, aérosols…

Voici quelques impressions des participants :

« J’ai du mal à comprendre comment, j’ai pu trouver un pot d’échappement de voiture au bord du canal! »

« C’était génial de pouvoir aider notre environnement de cette façon! The amount of trash accumulated in the canal was crazy! »

« J’étais contente d’être capable d’aider l’environnement et c’était amusant de le faire avec mes amis. »

“The Great Canadian Shoreline cleanup was a chance us to take care of the Lachine Canal’s waters and shores in the morning.”

« C’était une bonne expérience, où nous étions conscient des conséquences directes de ces déchets sur les océans. »

“I was very surprised about how much garbage was being thrown on the ground especially when the trash can was just a few feet away.”

« J’étais dégouté par tous les mégots de cigarette, de plastique et les nombreux autres déchets qui polluent la Terre. »

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