Round Square Regional Conference: Immersed in Argentinian Culture

RS_ArgentinaToday in Argentina we spent the day at a farm called Don Silvano. At the farm we had many exciting things to do! First, we got to ride horses! We rode them on a track around the farm and had beautiful views of the surrounding green fields. Then we went to go see all the other animals. We saw pigs, chickens, bunnies, flamingos, peacocks and many more. Next, we tried a local drink called mate. It tastes like bitter tea and is a very prominent part of the culture here in Argentina. It’s a social drink and it is customary for people to share it with the same straw. If you add a lot of sugar, it’s actually really good!

Lunch at the farm was a lot of fun. There was a singer, singing Argentinian music, and dancers who danced for us. We even joined in on the dancing! After lunch there was a horse show. It was really entertaining to see men on horses complete a number of races and competitions. Finally, we got in the van to head back to our hotel. We stopped off at a pedestrian street called Avenida Florida and walked around and shopped. We walked into many cute local stores and got a good sense of the Argentinian way of life.

Overall, today was an amazing day. From being on the farm to just walking around, we really got to experience it all. -Danielle Cutler ’18

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